Competitive lifter, thrower and critical thinker, I live in the in between spaces, where boundaries are blurred and perspectives are queered. I have competed in the strength sports for 10 years now. My fitness journey continues to ebb and flow, offering new perspectives that ring true in my life outside of the fitness world. For me, training is about weaving these thoughts, feelings and happenings together in order to build a stronger vision of myself. The idea being, a stronger vision will build a stronger character and bring me closer to the ultimate goal of…super human strength. Duh.
Besides achieving super human strength, I’m concerned with changing the mindset with which we approach fitness endeavors. I believe a shift in mindset can make fitness more effective, approachable, and sustainable. With all the noise from the mainstream fitness industry, this is no small task. Working towards a different mindset begins with clearing the mind of impossibility and (self) judgment. It means redefining things, over and over, until they reflect individual subjectivity rather than collective misinformation. This process of critical thinking and redefining also makes fitness less intimidating. It may seem simple, but it is not necessarily easy. It demands focus and a steadfast approach. However, these qualities are what make strong programs, strong bodies, and strong characters. The power of directly engaging with the journey has limitless potential. All it requires is stepping up to the task.

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