Now representing Bodytribe in Southern California

I first came in to Bodytribe while pursuing my degree in the Exercise Science program at California State University of Sacramento. I quickly fell in love with the philosophy and community of the tribe. My passion in working with others is to share and spread the inspiration I have found through my experience with fitness and particularly through the philosophy of Bodytribe Fitness. The opportunity to combine my education and passion towards empowerment through movement to inspire and enrich the lives of others has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. It makes every day a joy to wake up to.

My personal interests in fitness are:

functional strength / power development exercises for sport and general physical preparedness

traditional strongman lifts

agility training

mobility training

tumbling / rolling


self empowerment

I am a firm believer that the skills and challenges we master in the gym make us all together stronger individuals. There is something about moving a heavy pile of iron with nothing but the strength of your body that leaves you feeling like changing the world is easy. That is empowerment. I view the gift of my physical ability as a means to connect to and empower my self and, if I’m lucky, to share that experience with others. It is not an opportunity to disengage from my surroundings and my body and crank out reps in some ridiculous machine. Fitness is to me a celebration of life and health and it is most meaningful when your body and mind are fully engaged in the party. With the right state of mind and presence of body we are capable of truly amazing things.


Now in Burbank!!
contact him at tavish1@hotmail.com
or check out the Ritual Fitness website.

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