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FluxLab Workshops

What is a FluxLab Workshop?

First off, what is Flux? Flux is movement or flow, and FluxLab is just what it sounds like, an opportunity to experiment with and explore movement as a synonym for strength, and how to increase the quality of life through movement.


With a combined 100+ years as a fitness professionals, gym owners, and trainers we’ve seen the industry purposely narrow itself by selling off movement and strength as categories. Our tendency is to niche down into our various modalities. CrossFitters CrossFit. Powerlifters powerlift. Yogis yoga. Crossover is rare, and it’s usually just to support the main category someone identifies with. We are brand loyal to movement-as-product. 


As fitness fans, pros, and teachers, We see ourselves as strength specialists. But our definition of strength is broad. Our mantra: Move. In many ways. For many reasons. Specializing may be good for specialists and maybe sports professionals (with emphasis on “maybe”), but most of us are simply, and wonderfully, potential human moving machines. So why limit ourselves?

FluxLab workshops are two day workshops held around the country. We bring together some of the best minds in the fitness industry. Minds like Dan John, Ryan Hurst, Jason C. Brown, and Chip Conrad. Together we explore the possibilities of strength, play, & movement potential.

What Will I Learn?

Our message is simple:


  • Strength for play

  • Play as strength

  • Skills over tools

Strength for Play

Play is an essential component of our human experience. Not only is play a tool for learning as children, but as adults, our growth and connection as living, thriving humans depends on it. Yet we disregard and avoid play, considering it childish. Like that’s a bad thing. Strength is confidence, and therefore increases our capacity to explore, be curious, and get the most from our lives. You know… become playful.


Play as Strength
Then the circle begins. Have confidence to explore. Find joy in the exploration. And ultimately, find strength through exploration. We build strength for play, which leads to play AS strength. Suddenly the industry-fed goals seem far less important to someone pursuing true satisfaction through movement. Vanity-based benchmarks give way to tribal-based connections. 


Skills Over Tools

On our authentic strength journey, we learn it’s not the tools that get us strong. Understanding movement and our relationship to it gives ANY tool the chance to build your skills. This breaks the obedient bond with the fitness industrial complex which would rather we identify with a specific tool or program. You’ve got mace people, clubbell people, barbell people, kettlebell people, bodyweight people… how about simply stronger people? Grasp the foundations of movement to understand ANY tool, then use them on your terms. No obedience required, and with far greater reward.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone, and everyone. Seriously. If you have a body and you want to get more out of your relationship with it. No matter what your experience with fitness is, this workshop is for you.

I know that may be hard to believe, especially if you've been around the gym for awhile. You may be asking yourself, "How can you guys meet the needs of both a rank beginner and a gym rat with 10 or 15 years of experience in the same workshop?" The answer is simple. We focus on concepts not tricks or gimmicks.


Sure, you might not be able to do some of things we show, but that's true for everyone regardless of experience. Our hope is that the concepts we share will form a launching pad from which you'll be able to shape your own journey, putting you in charge of your own fitness, and allowing you to develop your own skills and challenges appropriate to what you want.

Want to join us? Click the button below to see our calendar and find a workshop near you.

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