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Come Out and Play

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

In my new book, More Inclined Towards Adventure, the idea of play sneaks into the BodyTribe program template as a "warm-up." Something labeled Prep and Play, which begins every training session. In my last book, Are You Useful, the importance of Play takes up an entire chapter. Here's a snippet, after which is a short clip from a recent Vlog in the BodyTribe member's section...

___________ We’re more verb than noun. Our bodies are in constant flux even when we are still. Our minds are in perpetual creation even when we’re not thinking. We, despite our best efforts, are constantly trying to BE, even when we put all our efforts into just existing. Purposeful movement, meaning anything voluntary, offers us a chance to understand our relationship with, oh, all sorts of stuff. Ourselves, first and foremost, and, not surprisingly, that usually correlates to your other relationships. Movement and strength are simply indicators of our relationship with our bodies, and our relationship with our bodies is an indicator of our relationship to everything else on the planet. If that relationship isn’t playful, what is it? And why? And what does that say about our other relationships?

Therefore frolic has a great deal of purpose. It just doesn’t feel like it does. Play increases problem solving. Play is born from curiosity and exploration. Emotional, cognitive, and social behaviors are byproducts of the chaos of frolic, the organization of competition, and the focus of battle. So is, importantly, imagination!

Once again… You matter. Treat yourself accordingly.

Play is the discovery of personal limits. As children this is done without awareness or judgment, which on one hand is a freedom, and on the other… well…possible danger. If that isn’t a germ for possibility, what is? We can create and expand our brains, muscles, and spirits with only the seed of information, the initial cell of an idea or concept or tool. It is through play that we understand our freedom to make our own journeys with that seed, mold our own empires of fire with just a spark. We need to embrace that freedom as adults, when we’re in the position to embrace sagacity as a guide to our search. Instead we often set the limits before we even begin the journey, usually by hiding from free thought, dodging discernment, curiosity, and purity of enthrallment through creation. Adults judge movement. Children do not. ______________

More discussion on the recent BodyTribe Member's Vlog. Here's a sample...

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