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Are You Useful?, delves into the Why of movement and strength, laying out the tools for developing your own philosophy of training. What was not discussed was the How. There needed to be a follow-up, bridging the gap between the philosophy and the programming.


And here it is… although, perhaps, not in the traditional methods of most fitness books. Despite this being a book about programming, there are no programs given, just insight as to how you might unfold a movement and strength journey through daily training or practice. The anatomy of the BodyTribe method is dissected, showing the structure, and malleability, of how a good program can manifest: Simply, and personally. Which makes it even more powerful, because it is yours, based on your value system.

This is the general reader version. Got a Kindle? No problem. Check the other version in the shop.

If you'd rather have a hard copy, we've got you covered. Just click here. The link will take you to the self-publishing site Lulu, where you can get your copy.

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