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Add Import to the Common Libraries:Re-purpose existing commands to perform a new action or add more flexibility to your designs. (video: 11:23 min.)Drawing TipsShapes - Triangulate ShapesAll of the geometry tools in AutoCAD are based on triangles. Triangles are the most basic shape that can be drawn. To draw a triangle you simply select 3 points (Fig. 1A).Fig. 1A: Points to draw a triangle.Triangles can be linked to form a polygon. Polygons are shapes made up of a series of connected lines. To draw a polygon you must first select a starting point (Fig. 1B) and the drawing line will be continuous and connect the points as you draw (Fig. 1C).Fig. 1B: Starting point for polygon.When you have selected a starting point for a polygon you can start to draw the polygon. For example, you can draw a series of lines that look like an arrow pointing down (Fig. 1D). These lines will connect the points you have selected.Fig. 1C: Connecting the points you have selected.Note: the lines are not yet drawn.To complete the polygon you must also select a finish point (Fig. 1E). The finish point is where the arrow points when the polygon is completed.Fig. 1D: Arrow arrow indicating direction.Fig. 1E: Finish point indicates where arrow points.After the polygon is finished you can rotate or scale the arrow. This allows you to rotate or scale the polygon.Fig. 1F: Arrow is rotated 90 degrees.Fig. 1G: Arrow is rotated 45 degrees.Fig. 1H: Arrow is scaled 20%.Fig. 1I: Arrow is scaled 50%.Note: these drawings are not yet finished.When you have finished drawing the polygon you can choose to connect the polygon or offset the start and finish points. The polygon can then be connected to another polygon, which creates a polyline or closed curve.Fig. 1J: Polygon connected.Fig. 1K: Polygon offset.This allows you to draw straight lines or curves that are continuous and connected.You can 2be273e24d


AutoCAD X64 [Updated] 2022

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