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Workshops for anyone involved in the pursuit of movement and strength, from the professional trainer to strength athlete to the movement enthusiast. With over 2 decades of workshop teaching experience, we can custom-fit a workshop or clinic to any location, schedule, or ability.

Whatever the subject, whoever the audience, any BodyTribe workshop will discuss the philosophy of connection and purpose. Yes, even a Mas Wrestling workshop. Be prepared to feel and think, not just move.

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1. What the Flux?

A shorter, intense, and playful clinic geared towards mastering strength for enjoying life. How to train to then go DO.

2. FluxLab
A full day or full weekend of strength and movement philosophy with multiple presenters.

3. The Authentic Athlete

For competitive athletes who want to improve through understanding their relationship with their bodies better. 

4. Mas Wrestling 101

Welcome to Mas Wrestling. It's weird, it's intense, and it's super groovy.

5. Dealer's Choice

Custom-made workshop about the tool or technique that your gym needs to know, either for trainers or members.

What The Flux:

The Practice & Purpose of Strength & Play

Run Time: 90 min - 3 hours

Move and Groove with purpose, and get all the strength you need to be a curious, creative, explorational, & inspirational superhuman. Let's talk about play, and how to train to be strong to try anything. Strength for fun. Find out why this should be a priority. Perfect workshop for trainers and gym members alike. Often held outside. 


Big Trainer Weekend of Becoming More You

Run Time: 1 - 3 Days

A big weekend of presenters with layers of lessons. Geared to trainers, but really for anyone with a hankering for strength and movement. 2-4 different presenters, all with synchronistic messages of defining strength and movement and their relationship to you and your tribe.

Your Authentic Athlete

Programming From Your Value System

Run Time: 90 min- 3 hours

This deep dive into understanding yourself, and your clients, through movement, and then programming accordingly, is the basis of building your own philosophy of Strength. Great for trainers looking to rise above the dogmas and confines of the Fitness Industrial Complex.

Mas Wresting 101

Mas Wrestling Basics & Beyond

Run Time: 90 min- 3 hours

One of the ONLY mas wrestling educators in America. After competing internationally multiple times, including 2 world championships, understanding the foundations of mas (and learning from the champions in Yakutsk) creates a unique workshop opportunity for anyone interested in starting, or advancing in, the sport.

Dealer's Choice

Expand the Tool or Technique Your Tribe Needs 

Run Time: 90 min- 3 hours

From programming to clubs and kettlebells, to mastering barbell movements like cleans and snatches, we can create a workshop on any of it, all with a big dose of purpose and play. What might your gym need to learn more about?

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