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About Chip 

Who is this Chip Conrad anyway?

Chip Conrad digs movement, music, and mutts, Along with being a perpetual student of a dizzying array of strength and flux outlets, he has a hankering for physical culture history, having studied with Jan and Terry Todd, Mel Siff, and Tommy Kono, among many others. He's competed and coached nationally and internationally in multiple strength sports, but won't let any of that get in the way of a good tumble, tree climb, or river dip. He is the founder of BodyTribe in its many incarnations, including an actual gym of almost 20 years, some books, some DVDs, and now a new series on YouTube called BodyTribe Anywhere, in which he, after turning 50, travels the country doing groovy workouts in interesting locations while sometimes interviewing important strength philosophers. 


Dan John Crop.jpg

Dan John

Before I ever met Chip Conrad, people were convinced that we would become friends. Those people were right; Chip is not only one of the brightest minds in fitness but his kindness and caring make him one of a kind. Chip has the ability to take a lot of stuff and compress it into something understandable and insightful. I have learned so much from him...especially how the movements connect and combine together. He is brilliant. He is innovative. I strongly suggest this: When Chip speaks...listen.

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Chip Morton

Chip Conrad

is a wonderful guy, deep thinker, explorer, and a really effective teacher. I have watched his work, bought his book and DVDs, learned a lot from him, and even had an ice cream cone with him...I am always drawn in by Chip's creativity...I always learn or reinforce an idea when i tune in.

Ryan Hurst Crop.jpg

Ryan Hurst

Lift incredibly heavy stuff, move like a cat, and more importantly, the ability to teach anything to anyone. Chip is the real deal. If you want to be able to do it, and do it right, he is the coach to learn from.

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