October 19, 2019 - 10 am

Sacramento, CA

Not your ordinary strongman/woman event. A little old school, but with modern twists. Very open to anyone who wants to try it, and we mean that.
First of all, in the spirit of the season, costumes are requested. Optional, sure, but c’mon… dress as your favorite nerd, or strongperson, or whatever.
Second of all, you don’t have to compete in a weight class. There are two category options: Total and Relative Total. Stay with me here. In the Relative Total category, your results are tallied in relation to your bodyweight. In other words, through magic formulas and maths, we’d say a 100# lifter who lifted 100 pounds did better than a 150# lifter who did 140 pounds. Your final results are relative to your bodyweight. Unlike most strongpeople events, the Relative Total category favors a lighter lifter.
So now you may see why there is also a Total category. Some lifters may want to compete against others simply on the basis of most weight lifted, formula-be-damned. This favors the heavier lifter, usually, like a classic strongman event.
So sans the pressure of weight classes, any lifter, veteran or neophyte, can find this a true rite-of-passage strength ritual… hopefully in costume.
This contest has 4 groovy events:
Max Get Up (and down)
Max 2-hands Anyhow
Max Pressing Medley
Sandbag throw for Distance
Rules and details coming soon. Stay tuned.
Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

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