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There was a point, in our collective history, when fitness wasn't called fitness. This thing we do in gyms and personal training studios was referred to as Physical Culture. We kinda like that term better. It's more open-ended and speaks more to what we think is the point of all this; self-improvement.

Fitness speaks of "appropriateness." That is fitting yourself into some external ideal. We think you're fine just how you are. There's nothing you need to do in order to "fit." But, if you want to get stronger, learn some groovy skills, find a way to improve your relationship with your body, or just find more ways to get enjoyment out of this thing we call life (thank you, Prince). We got you.

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Want to build your own fitness philosophy? How about forging a fitness journey that fits you, your needs, your life? Here's where we can offer first steps. Tutorials aimed at asking the right questions to get you moving in a direction that's right for you.



Wanna hang? We do workshops and seminars all around the world. Chances are we'll be somewhere near you. Check out our event calendar here.



Thoughts and musings. The "Why" of what we do. Check here for an ongoing discussion of the things that matter to us, from the deeply philosophical to the lightly frivolous.


This past weekend surpassed any hope or expectation I could have held. I experienced this on so many levels too. I was deeply inspired and motivated to pursue a better outlook on training clients, training my own body, training my mind, being thankful, assessing, reassessing, and pursuing life goals. Though I took away many, one of the biggest themes that resonated most with me was community. Horizontal, vertical, community outreach, the 85%, and how to unite and empower through fitness.

Troxell Pautler



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