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Chip Conrad
Aug 14, 2023
In General Discussion
Welcome to the BodyTribe forum section, our little chunk of the giant social media pie. Here we can exchange recipes and swap gossip, which in BodyTribe speak, means share our movement and strength journeys with other free-thinking movement/strength junkies. I'll start. I'm deep in another training cycle for a mas wrestling competition. Mas (which is the Yakut word for "wood" I just learned... all this time I thought it meant stick) is the strange sport of one-on-one tug-o-war, seated with a board between the feet of the opponents. Many cultures have a similar sport buried in their histories, but the Siberian people kept this one alive, and over the last 8 years it's somehow gone international. Anyway, I'm again competing internationally, as I did a far amount before the pandemic. I'm heading to Finland at the end of September. So what does my training look like? The template used for the Integrate Program, in all it's variations, is still my secret play book. And that template is outlined in my book, More Inclined Towards Adventure. It's a good template. Simple. Malleable. Customizable, but always with the goal of foundation strength and skill building in place. Then we can tweak the recipe and sprinkle whatever spice needs added to aim the program to a more specific goal. But we never ignore the foundations. They enable us to try more, have more options to pick and choose from. And when we do choose, we can excel quicker.
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